Fostering Innovations will provide a range of training opportunities for foster carers and staff to ensure they remain up to date on legislation, issues and best practice. We will ensure that foster carers experience a range of in-house and external training courses and can also attend national courses and seminars. Fostering Innovations wish to be seen and operate as a ‘Learning Organisation’ for staff and foster carers alike.  We encourage and support carers with their learning and development, believing that this, in turn will mirror good adult role modelling for children

Support to foster carers

High quality support and monitoring makes a significant difference to carers. Fostering Innovations offers the following types of support to foster carer/s:

  • Supervision/Support meetings with a Fostering Innovations worker every 1- 4 weeks depending on need.
  • The foster carer/s support group, which is held at a minimum of 4 times a year but often more frequently when carers request this.
  • Telephone support via the Area Fostering Co-ordinator, who is an experienced foster carer in a specific local area.
  • Emergency out of hours service which operates 24 hours a day and which provides information, advice and guidance.


Handbook to download and read the information on fostering and various issues involved whilst looking after a foster child. A separate handbook for the foster child to understand what kind of support and services are available to them.

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