Make a difference... FOSTER!

The agency values the feedback and any comments from the carers, children in care, professionals that will help the agency to improve, learn and also share positive experiences of fostering.

The agency has its own internal complaints policy. This can be activated by phone, email or in person.  Fostering Innovations like all independent fostering agencies is accountable to Ofsted. A Foster carers information pack and young people welcome pack will be sent to all carers and children, and provides information about how to make a complaint about the agency. There is a complaints policy and young people can make their complaint via e-mail as well as in written form, in person or on the phone. Within the Children’s guide, looked after children and young people receive a leaflet detailing how to contact the agency.  They will receive information about how to contact Ofsted in these packs along with the phone number.


Prospective foster carers will receive a leaflet about the Internal Review Mechanism and will made aware of what the organisation does.